Addressing What We Can See and Feel

By Chuka McCoy

We have been thrown into chaos
Pitting one against the other
On issues that we should be together
We love our country
Our veterans
We want to have coverage for our healthcare
We also want to not be harrassed in life
Not being brutalized by crooked cops
While we salute the good cops
That do it right
We want to gather
In events that brings us together
Like movies
And sporting events
Without being brought down
By bombs and a barrage of bullets
We can connect
Yet we are being divided
By an five year old child
In the body of a seventy one year old man
That wants to be Al Capone
And cares about no one but himself
A fidget spinner
That folds his arms and twist
Like trying to escape from a straight jacket
So he is a few steps
Away from the button that will
Make us all expendable
We are better than that