There is a book that you may have heard of before called Fifty Shades of Grey. I didn’t read the book that the movies were based on. I watched them back to back recently, which is the reason for the double review.
Fifty Shades of Grey-The movie centers around a college student named Anastasia Steele(played by Dakota Johnson) and a billionaire named Christian Grey(played by Jamie Dornan). From the opening scene of the movie, it lets you know it is textbook good girl meets bad boy story. Well, in this story, the bad boy has a woman that he gets intimate with sign a sexual contract(in case you didn’t hear about that part before). He does part of that for control and fear of intimacy. This movie poses this question: Can the curiosity between two different types of people result in love or heartbreak? The problem is it doesn’t do a good job to give us a reason to find out the answer. The script doesn’t give us anywhere to go. The little bit of a trip it gives wasn’t that enjoyable. I had no idea why characters did anything in the film. The dialogue was pretty bad. There was no texture to it at all. For example, Christian said to Anastasia”You’re biting your lip again” when they just showed us on camera that she was doing that. That’s partially to do with directing too. I didn’t really care for either one of these characters, especially Christian. He had a creepy stalker vibe going on throughout the movie. That would be fine if it was a drama suspense thriller but it’s not. Anyone else that would have displayed that type of behavior would have been arrested by now. This is what Bruce Wayne might have turn out to be if he didn’t have the fighting crime thing to keep him occupied. Last, but not least, the main actors showed no chemistry at all. Which leads me to…
Fifty Shades Darker-Fifty Shades Darker is like the people involved in making these films heard the criticism of the first movie and corrected them. Script was better and so was the dialogue. The chemistry between the main actors was so much better in this film. You can actually believe there is something between these two characters that is genuine. The only issue I had with the film was two dramatic parts of the film felt forced to move the story along.
So, in summary, I didn’t like the first one but liked the second one. If you watch to second one, there is something a little bit after the credits starts. Just remember that the theme of the films is not for everybody.
Fifty Shades of Grey: 7.1 out of 10
Fifty Shades Darker: 8.2 out of 10