The original Guardians of the Galaxy came out in 2014 and was beloved by
both audiences and critics. I say that it’s sequel, Guardians of the Galaxy
Vol 2, earns the same level of praise. The movie focuses on family(one of
several movies in 2017 which has that theme) and does a good job exploring
each level throughout. I also love the different references that is in the
film. One of the opening scenes includes Baby Groot(voiced by Vin Diesel)
dancing to music, a staple of certain 80’s movies, while there is a battle
going on. Also, there is several action scenes in the movie that pay homage
to the 1984 movie The Last Starfighter. The cast gives great performances,
including Kurt Russell playing a mysterious character named Ego. My only
grip is there is one scene where a certain action happens to come out of
nowhere just to further the action(you will know it when you see it). The
movie will keep you laughing and engage with every action scene. Watch out
for cameos in the movie and ,and always with a Marvel movie, stay past the

Rating: 9.3 out of 10