Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales is the fifth and latest
film in the Pirates movie franchise. The movie centers around Henry(Brenton
Thwaites), whose in search of the trident of Poseidon in order to free his
father from a curse(won’t say whom his father is but if you watch the
franchise, you’ll know). He searches for Capt. Jack Sparrow(Johnny Depp) to
help him in this endeavor. Along the way, they run into Carina Smyth(Kaya
Scodelario), whose interest in astronomy allows her to be their best guide
to find what they seek. Meanwhile, Captain Salazar(Javier Bardem), captain
of a cursed ship filled his dead shipmates, is hunting down pirates ships
one by one on his path to exact his revenge on Jack. In the mix of it all,
Capt. Barbossa(Geoffrey Rush) shows up with his own agenda. The movie is a
better improvement than the fourth movie(On Stranger Tides), which they
barely reference in the film. They made sure that they did not make Jack
the center of the story. I thought it was a fun and enjoyable ride. The
theme (like two other movies this summer season) focuses on family and also
searching for something that is missing in life. You can tell Javier Bardem
had fun being over the top with his character but there was not too much
characterization to work with. You may see that certain elements or scenes
that may have been done before in other movies, including this franchise.
If you can overlook that aspect, you will enjoy this movie. Remember to
look for surprise cameos and stay after the credits.

Rating: 8.9 out of 10