Wonder Woman is a live action movie adaptation based on the same character
in from DC Comics. The movie focuses on Diana(Gal Gadot), princess of the
Amazons, and her journey from her homeland to a new world. The Amazons is a
race of trained warrior women that lives on an island that is hidden from
the outside world (the first fifteen minutes will explain that backstory).
Their island becomes exposed as a plane carrying WWII pilot Steve Trevor
(Chris Pine) crashes into their waters. Diana rescues him and vows to help
him return to England to end the war. She believes the war was started by
Ares, the god of war. Also, they are trying to stop Dr Manu(Elena Anaya)
and Nazi general Ludendorff (Danny Huston) from developing a bomb that
would wipe out millions of people. I loved the movie and I thought Gadot’s
performance was amazing. She gave Diana so much depth in her actions and
facial expressions. She makes you feel every emotion and it draws you in.
The rest of the cast(especially Chris Pine) was very good as well. The
movie flows very well and you barely notice the running time(which is at
two hours and twenty one minutes). The one issue I had was certain
characters did not have that much depth or explanation to them but that is
a small point compared to the whole picture. There is a theme of “you can
do anything you set your mind to” that should resonate with audiences. I
would definitely recommend this movie for anyone to watch.

Rating: 9.0 out of 10