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Addressing What We See and Feel

Addressing What We Can See and Feel By Chuka McCoy   We have been thrown into chaos Confusion Division Pitting one against the other On issues that we should be together We love our country Our veterans We want to have coverage for our healthcare We also want to not be harrassed in life Not […]

An Open Discussion

An Open Discussion We are people who care Who feel and can touch others’ souls We are love That is a representative of God’s love through us It reaches from our core to others Do not let the injustices Stop us for connecting Growing with And loving each other That will bring a revolutionary change […]


Perspective By Chuka McCoy Hi there It is nice to meet you You don’t know me but I have heard a lot about you The question I have for you is Is it better? Is it better for you to spend billions of dollars On advertisements set to divide this world This land and the […]

Pointing At Us

Pointing At Us By Chuka McCoy This hot air balloon Shaped like a gun Is about to blow up your spot Because you see The symbol we see In front of your store Holds us hostage Normalizes how much All around abuse it brings Your store brings it out to Attract attention and business But […]

Commercials that are like nails on the chalkboard

I’ve being holding a grudge at particular company because of their commercials. I was just going to put my TV on mute or fast forward through it(like I always do). With the bad commercials that debuted in the Super Bowl, I felt it was time to discuss that commercial and another one that debuted on […]

American values…

It’s been awhile since I wrote on this blog but something has me stirred up. Meet the Press host Chuck Todd (best superhero name for a real person..ever) asked Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson about faith and “Should a president’s faith matter?”. Carson’s answer just floored me.   “If it’s inconsistent with the values and […]

My inner thoughts and the outside world

My inner thoughts and the outside world I am a happy go lucky guy. I know that I am a different type of person that doesn’t fit into category A, B or C. I treat people with love and respect that they deserve. All my life, I’ve worked on making people comfortable with me and […]

Listen up

Listen up Listen Up By Chuka McCoy We is lost I am not trying to throw you A grammatical interception  And I don’t mean the game system either Even though some do play Some unnecessary games Put those controllers down Let’s talk for once Hear us out Maybe for the first time We all can […]

College Playoff Committee needs to be disbanded

College Playoff Committee needs to be disbanded          I had my reservations about the College Playoff Committee and how they would handle things each week. I gave them a chance until they decided that being undefeated doesn’t amount to a hill of beans in this town. When you have an one loss Oregon team jump […]

An open discussion

An open discussion An Open Discussion  By Chuka McCoy We are people who care Who feel and can touch others’ souls  We are love That is a representative of God’s love through us  It reaches from our core to others  Do not let the injustices Stop us for connecting  Growing with And loving each other […]

Hey there, College Playoff Committee..

Hey there, College Playoff Committee.. I decided to chime in on this new College Playoff Committee. I was excited about the idea for a playoff system to determine the national champion in college football. I would have set it up a different way but that is another post waiting to happen. When I heard there […]

May I have your attention please..

May I have your attention please..  MoreBy Chuka McCoy There are so many different people on this world We have different beats and notes we groove to We have different loves, hurts and experiences Most of us wish to have someone to connect withSomeway or somehow Just something to connect to in this world while we […]

Writing to my mom

Writing to my mom My Letter to Mom By Chuka McCoy Dear Mom,             First of all, I want to tell you that I love you. Sometimes, I go for long periods without saying those words to and to others. That is something that I am working on every day now. I was always scared […]

Processing Things

Processing Things I don’t know how. This is the answer to the question that I asked myself in the last month. I lost a friend of mine less than a month ago. Her passing was a shock to me and all that knew her. I went to her funeral and met some very nice friends […]


Manners I was sitting in the movie theater watching The Lone Ranger(I’ll share my thoughts on that another time). The movie was almost over and the next thing I know, I started to see smoke. For a moment, I thought it was special effect done to make you get deeper in the movie experience. That […]

My childhood friends

My childhood friends As a child, I was a “keep to myself” type of kid. I had few friends but the biggest one was the television. It gave me an outlet to be who I am and discover what I like. I love the fact that you had different shows from different eras in syndication. […]

Letting it go

Letting it go I got chastised by an older gentleman in a newer model SVU yesterday. I’m the one that was in the wrong in his eyes. Here’s the recap:I put on my turn signal to get in the far right lane. This polite gentleman decided to speed up and not let me over. Luckily, […]

A viewpoint

A viewpoint I just finished reading a post on social media when someone interject race into the tragedy that happened with the school shooting yesterday. I posted a comment to this and I wanted to share it with you all. You see that some people focus on the wrong thing. You can’t let things and […]

It’s time for me to say something

It’s time for me to say something On Friday, a terrible tragedy happened in Colorado that resulted in twelve people dead and many more injured.  As this news settled in, I had several thoughts that I need to share. First of all, my thoughts and prayers goes out to the victims and their families. No […]

A moment to remember

A moment to remember I had to stop to reflect on something this week.  In 1997, I was working at Blockbuster Music at the Brandon Town Center. This particular day, I noticed a customer come in on crutches. I’ve had to do the crutches thing before and I know it’s no fun. So, I go […]

Observations From Within by Chuka McCoy | Make Your Own Book


Hooray! I did it! I got my poems that I’ve been writing for twenty years now in a book and published it. I am so happy to get my stuff out there for rest of the world to see. Here’s the link for my book.

I’m closing one door and running through another

I’m closing one door and running through another I am officially done and cutting the cord. I have said it’s not a constant thing that keep happening. Today, I realize it is in my best interest to stay away from you, Wendy’s. I have put in order after order at this restaurant chain. For the […]

What I saw this week

What I saw this week I’ve noticed a few things this week that I had to comment on. I witnessed a person crank up their vehicle, pull out of the parking spot and then load up their groceries. What type of sense does this make? None, in my opinion. You’re wasting gas and blocking other […]

Things I don’t understand

Things I don’t understand A brief view of two things I don’t understand. The first thing would be people that wear their pant so baggy, it’s down to their knees or lower. I am remembering the days where your family member or somebody in the neighbor would tell you to pull your pants up. Most […]

3D: Is it necessary?

3D: Is it necessary? I remember, when I was growing up, that 3D was a novelty to the film that you were watching. It was more of a gimmick than anything. Granted, the movies that were offered in 3D wasn’t the greatest motion pictures of all time either. Jaws 3D, Friday the 13th 3D (I […]


Updating I have finished a couple of writing projects. These are stories that are near and dear to me. I am looking into getting them published. As soon as that happens, I will let everyone know. I have a few projects that I’m starting up very soon. That is it for now. I will try […]